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I've Got My Entry Forms, Now What?

Now you must learn something about what competitions generally involve. Though there is no set pattern, usually a competition comprises two parts: the first or preliminary stage being that by which often many thousands of entrants will be reduced to a quantity suitable for judging on the strength of their tie breakers.

This preliminary task or eliminating process might take several forms, including Order-of-Merit, Factual Questions, Spot-the-Difference, Matters of Opinion, Spot-the-Ball, Locate the Buried Treasure, Word Squares, Word Making and so on.

Some tasks present a far greater problem than others in virtually guaranteeing oneself a place through to stage two, that stage where whatever form the tie breaker takes will be judged and finally produce the ultimate winners list.

To add to what potential confusion might already exist, some of these tasks are all that is required of the competitor, no tie breaker being required at this stage.

Depending on the ease with which many of these tie breaker free entries can be made, the whole competition is little more than a prize draw, perhaps the only time that luck plays an essential part in deciding exactly who ultimately receives a prize.

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