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What Prizes Are Offered?

'Winning' can perhaps best be considered by reference to the opportunist entrant who might win that very first competition he or she goes in for, and the regular entrant who though he or she might never get to the very top of any prize winners list, nevertheless manages to attract a steady stream of worthwhile prizes often throughout a career lasting many years.

Usually the prizes will go to those who deserve them and here we find the regular competitor; the one who works hard at the hobby; that person who studies the form and never allows his talents to become stale, will be the one to feature more regularly at the very top of the list of worthy winners. Where competitions are carefully judged and where judges take care to eliminate obviously 'plagiarised' slogans from past competitions, it is rare to discover a relative newcomer to the hobby making off with first prize.

It can't though be denied that on occasion a newcomer discovers an inherent talent for creating slogans and tie breakers, one which will take him or hr immediately to the top of the competitions tree. Hence where we hear of people winning big prizes with first ever competition entries, it is usually great talent or extreme good luck to which they may attribute their success.

Luck in general has no part to play in the life of the regular winner; diligence, persistence and working hard at improving one's skills are the primary characteristics of the regular small or big-time winner.

'Plagiarism' is much maligned characteristic, with no place in the lives of genuine entrants, amounting as it does to the deliberate copying of someone else's past winning tie breaker. Competition rules almost always state that 'originality' is required of the tie breakers submitted for the competition, meaning of course that the slogan should not only be especially created for the competition concerned, but that it also should comprise only the original and sole efforts of the person in whose name the entry is made.

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