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Tie Breakers & Slogans To Aspire To

Approved by a Thousand Million Thirsts (Alcoholic Beverage)

After the Wreck Comes the Reckoning (Motor Insurance Firm)

Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow (Road Safety Slogan)

An Army of Kernels (Roasted Peanuts)

Comfort Of American Life (Coal)

Danger Lurks Where Caution Shirks (Road Safety Slogan)

Peer of the Whisky Realm (Whisky)

Protects Profits (Insurance Company)

Andrews for Inner Cleanliness (Andrews Liver Salts)

Accidents Begin where Caution Ends (Road Safety Campaign)

Arrest Cancer, It's Wanted for Murder (Cancer Prevention)

Be Coaled and Warm (Coal)

Guinness is Good for You (Guinness)

He Passed Them All, All Saw His Passing (Road Safety)

One Good Ton Deserves Another (Coal)

Worth Waking For (Breakfast Cereal)

Thirst Come, Thirst Served (Beverage)

We Can Sir, Cure Cancer (Cancer Prevention)

For the REST of Your Life (Beds)

Glue Without Goo (Glue)

Hat Ease on the Home Front (Millinery)

Rest Assured (Hotel)

For the Heads of the Family (Shampoo)

Freedom's Just a Word Until you Lose It (USA War Bonds)

No Rust for the Wary (Car Rust proofing)

'Twas the Bite before Christmas (Christmas Foodstuffs)

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