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How To Win At Competitions - An Introduction

I remember when first I set sights on entering competitions many years ago, my father confiding in me that 'Nobody ever wins'. He was certain of this for with all of his fifty or so years behind him had never come by even one person who had won so much as a prize in a local village fete.

It worried me more that a little. Supposing he was right - supposing it was all one big hype - something this was all designed to force an unsuspecting public into buying product they have no real use for, but which are necessary to validate entry to the competitions in the first place?

After weeks of worry that me efforts were wasted, and the only one to gain was the promoter whose products I was spending my meagre pocket money on, I received notification of my very first prize - 10 in a mars bar competition! In 1965 that was no mean deal. I was thrilled, but still his words haunted me. Mars after all are a highly respected company, and according to Pater probably judging by my immature writing they had decided to award a prize purely to elicit my future custom, and that of one day my children.

Today, over 20 years later, I realise how wrong he was. I carried on regardless of his well-intentional warnings, and today I truly have lost track of the prizes I have won as a result. But I recall amongst them: several radios, numerous silver items to commemorate the 1970s Royal Jubilee, many cash awards, a cellarful of wine, a years' supply of dogfood, gold ingots, recently a karaoke machine, 1,000 of goods from Presto, and so on, and so on, and so on.

Thankfully I now know the old adage 'Nobody ever wins' is totally devoid of substance or truth. I even know personally one woman who has won four cars and literally hundreds of other prizes before being presented with a spacious house in a truly desirable neighbourhood. In fact, I know several people who have won cars, Caribbean cruises, and cash some amounting to many thousand of pounds.

Ah, I know what you now are no doubt thinking. I am fortunate enough to be in with a crows blessed with good fortune, perhaps with a lucky start shining permanently above them. But I don't. The people I know are triers - and stayers.

Persistence, hard work, diligence, careful study, ability to stay the course when long losing spells invariably crop up, all go into making a big-time and consistent winner, and I state now without any fear of contradiction that good luck has no part to play in the game of winning at competitions, not that is on a consistent basis. Luck might bring one major prize to your door, but it will never attract a steady flow of awards. That steady flow is something we can acquire, through those very characteristics we have already identified - diligence, persistence, fortitude, and sheer hard work.

Those who still maintain that luck is a primary attribute for elevation to the realm of big time winners, and those who wish not to contribute anything by way of labour and persistence, please stop reading now! Those who wish to put in a few hours a week in pursuit of glittering prizes, and a few hours of sheer hard work and concentration at that, please continue, for now we will consider the art of acquiring those exact skills of competition expertise or ourselves. And please don't think I.Q. is a significant factor either - it isn't - we all of us can easily acquire those very same skills possessed by the regular winner for ourselves. Read on!

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